Defender at LAMMA 2014

Last week we visited the LAMMA14 show in Peterborough. For those who aren’t in the know LAMMA is an annual agricultural machinery equipment and service show attracting 40’000 visitors with over 800 exhibitors. See:

I personally had never been to such an event and what struck me was the sheer amount of industries and technology involved in farming, from combine harvesters to quad bikes from waste management to pressure washers every industry was on show presenting it’s products and solutions to make the farming process more efficient and cost effective.

Defender Under Wheel

Of course the rain was lashing down and it was blowing a gale but where better to demonstrate our new rugged smartphone the Defender. By now most of us understand the benefits of the smartphone and know that the future is undoubtedly mobile as more of our day to day duties are carried out on these hand held mini-computer style mobile phones. We also know that smart phones are expensive and when you drop a smartphone in a muddy puddle or bang it against a metal object a costly repair or even a new handset is in order as your typical phone won’t stand up to much abuse. This is the point we realise how important out smart phones are to us!

I believe smart phones can really help Britain’s farmers but perhaps a suitable device has yet to be launched. Until now that is!

Defender With Wand

farmwizard logo

We demonstrated our Defender phone and RFID wand reader paired with the FarmWizard app for livestock management. For more information on FarmWizard for livestock management see:




Something which had a much bigger presence at this years LAMMA show than previous years, technology for cattle management is the latest advancement. The reception our Defender phone received was extremely positive amongst farmers and agricultural workers visiting the show. The waterproof and drop proof casing was a big hit and the large toughened 4” screen worked perfectly in the wind and rain. The walkie talkie feature was demonstrated as being extremely beneficial when trying to communicate with several people at the same time whilst in outdoor conditions. Other hits included the NFC ready connectivity for additional workforce management apps but generally the robust form factor of the handset and the large screen were the most favoured features.

We really believe this product has huge potential in the farming and agricultural market and look forward to working with new partners to expand the functionality in the future.

For more information please get in touch via our contact page and one of our team will be able to assist you with ordering a handset and getting setup.

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