Defender Screen – So tough, Chuck Norris couldn’t break it!

We’ve all seen it, a nice shiny smart phone with an ugly cracked screen. These screens are expensive to replace and while you send your handset away for repair you are without your beloved smart phone and usually have to revert to the old trusted phone in the kitchen draw. In todays world you really understand how much you rely on your smart phone when you haven’t got it!

Introducing Dragontrail™ glass on the Defender, produced by a company called ‘Asahi’. This toughened screen has a greater surface compressive stress tolerancy and the sufficient depth of layer to ensure a greater retained strength as compared with conventional soda-lime glass. Which basically means it is super strong!

Its also scratch resistant so no ugly marks across the screen from your keys while in your pocket or bag. So much of todays business can be conducted on your phone so it’s great peace of mind to know you have the Dragontrail™ screen on your ruggedised Defender.


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