2 Sims, 1 Phone, Guaranteed Connection

connection-problemNetworks tell us they spend millions on updating their infrastructure, to allow access to the network for voice, text and data all over Britain. In reality we can all think of a location where we cannot gain access to the network, it could be a place you travel to on holiday, work, or even in the village you live in.

Dual SIM phones have helped people gain vital access to mobile networks to ensure we are available the majority of the time.



One solution we have been using is a roaming SIM. A roaming SIM allows you to use all the UK networks. You could have your main provider in SIM slot 1, and with luck you will have good signal the majority of the time. For those times when you can not gain access to your main network the roaming SIM in SIM slot 2 will have permission to use all UK networks, so as long as a network has presence you will have access to it. You can also simply set up a call forwarding service to pass the call onto the roaming SIM if there is no network connection on your main SIM. This makes you contactable 90% or more of the time.

Personal & Business Handset?

Most workforces now require you to have a mobile phone, a lot of companies will supply you with equipment. Some people will be forced to run two handsets, one for private and one for business, which can be a pain. Dual SIM handsets have allowed us to manage our availability with more convenience. One of the many benefits of dual SIM is the fact you can run a number for private calls and another number for business calls, separating and managing your calls on your mobile can make life so much easier.

Our Defender phone with dual SIM has given users additional flexibility and management over their devices. A dual SIM handset with rugged chassis, toughened 4” screen can benefit any user in any environment.

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