Defender Phones + Dual SIM

You’ll notice that all our rugged smart phones are dual sim. What does this mean, and how is it best to make the most of this feature?

Starting with the basics, dual sim means you can place 2 sim cards into the phone at the same time. You can receive inbound and make outbound calls on each number. You can turn the sim slots off, you can also set up ‘default’ permissions, for example if you want a particular sim to be used for sending texts messages, using data etc.

There are 2 main reasons why a dual sim phone works for businesses. The first one would be to keep your private and work lines separate (while using the same phone!). Benefit being that when you need to switch off from work, just simply turn off the sim. Or leave it on – but you’ll be able to screen the call as you’ll know which number the caller has dialled so you could simply forward it to your voicemail.

Secondly a dual sim device is useful from a coverage point of view, especially when combined with a pay as you go roaming sim. It’s pretty straightforward, you use your main sim while you have coverage, but if you are working or travelling in an area where you have no coverage on your main sim, you can use the roaming sim to make and receive calls. The roaming sim can access all the major networks so just as long as there is coverage of some description. You only pay for outbound calls and as its on pay as you are in control of any spend.

If you have any questions about the roaming sim, dual sim phone or anything at all to do with our business then please get in touch with us on 0333 0111 857 or email