Is your phone GMS certified? 

Here at The ToughPhone we pride ourselves in our professional portfolio of licensed Google approved devices. Which is why we have welcomed the enforcement of the GMS certification procedure. 

What is GMS and why is it important?

GMS stands for Google Mobile Services and its certification is confirmation that a specific device meets Google’s performance requirements and properly runs the Google Apps (The ‘Google Apps’ that GMS checks are Gmail, Playstore, Drive, Youtube, Maps and more. Without these applications, your Android smart phone isn’t so smart..) Manufactures who meet the GMS certification (and become approved) are clearly demonstrating they want the best user experience for their users. 

As well as not being able to use Google apps, phones without GMS certification will also be bombarded with constant notifications like the one below..

The enforcement of GMS will protect the customer when purchasing specialist android devices, safeguards Googles Android operating system from rouge devices as well as facilitating a closer relationship with Google Android partners. 

You can rest assured that when purchasing any of our Defender ToughPhone range you are getting a GMS approved device with gives you the best possible user experience.

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