Rugged phones are for life, not just for Christmas

There’s a lot of talk this year of the prospect of a cold winter. It seems like only yesterday we were baking in 30-degree heat and watching it “come home” from the comfort of a sunny beer garden.

As our attention moves away from Halloween and fireworks, we find ourselves faced with the run up to the festive period, but before we can settle down with a cheese board in front of the queen’s speech we need to adjust to the seasonal change – de-icing your car, firing up the heating (and hoping it works) and buying a new winter jacket! And with the added stresses on the country’s infrastructure we become even more reliant on our smartphones to be there for us when we need them the most. Have you ever noticed that if you are outside on a cold day your phones battery depletes much quicker? This is down to the fact that the chemical reaction initiated when the negative and positive terminals are connected in a cold battery is slowed down. The battery will run down quicker and not be able to generate enough current to keep up with demand. Businesses who issue smartphones to help keep the workforce organised are reliant on the battery life lasting the day so It’s far from ideal when you are trying to make that critical phone call at the end of the shift.

The Defender Beast and Defender TAB 2.0 come with exceptionally large batteries, 6150 & 10,000 mAh respectively and along with the intelligent chipsets you can be sure the devices will last outside just as long as you can. Not to mention all our devices are tested to Mil Spec 810G and IP68 standards so come rain sun or snow you can be sure the Defender range is the right choice for you and your business.

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