Modern day treasure hunt using NFC

Last weekend it was my boys 10th birthday and instead of carting him and his friends off to some lazer/carting/play shed full of sugar and E numbers, we opted to have an old fashioned camping sleep over with a modern twist.

So the evening ended with a movie in the tent connected with Bluetooth speakers but the days events included a modern day treasure hunt. The boys was given two Defender handsets and were told where the first NFC tag was..

2014-07-20 10.56.56intro-example2014-07-20 10.45.06









When the boys swiped the NFC tag the phone connected to the internet  and downloaded an image as a clue to the next tag. If the boys got lost, as one group thought the next clue was one way and another group another way they could talk to each other using the Walkie-talkie included in the Defender. I had also gone one step further and if the cryptic clue was too difficult they could SOS me and I would send them an image of the location.

It seemed by the end of the hunt all the boys had great time and were asking if I could make another one.

Not sure this is the best use for the latest technology but it is a great way to show the different uses of NFC!

If you are interested in looking at the Defender handset or NFC possibilities then get in touch and one of our team will be able to discuss how best to harness this great new technology.

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