Toughphone to launch a Rugged handset with built in shaver.

The new Defender S1 will incorporate a built in shaver into the device and is the first time a manufacture has incorporated other electrical products into a mobile phone. The handset runs Android 4.2.2 with a powerful quadcore 1.2mhz chipset and 8mp camera with flash. The handset is waterproof to IP68 the highest certificate obtainable for waterproofing. The device also has a long battery and is dual sim so improves coverage in remote areas.

Head of sales Ali Proflo said “The reason we have added the shaver option into the device is our handset is used by a lot of customers who work and play in remote areas, sometimes these users are away from water and power supply’s for days and days and encompassing more electrical products into one device is perfect for them. We have seen this change coming over the years, for example GPS, Camera ect as now all as standard in mobile devices so why not add other electrical products”

If the device is popular the Toughphone intend to expand the range of devices with add ons that will include a Toaster, water purifier, and mini heat pad for cooking.

If you are interested in ordering a limited edition of the Defender handset please make contact.



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